Opening this Weekend

Night School


Hell Fest

Little Women (2018)

The Wife


Young George and the Dragon

Box Office Predictions

  1. Night School
  2. Smallfoot
  3. The House with a Clock in Its Walls
  4. A Simple Favor
  5. The Predator

What You Should See

Night SchoolSmallfootHell FestLittle Women (2018)The Wife.

There.  Now that those are out of the way, we can get to what’s truly exciting this weekend in new movies, and that’s this year’s Edmonton International Film Festival (which actually opened yesterday)!  There’s a lot of new movies debuting over the course of this week’s fest, most well ahead of their scheduled debut and, in many cases, for one time only specially for the festival, and that’s incredibly exciting for a couple of reasons:  One, that it’s a true privilege to have access to new works with that level of exclusivity; and Two, it’s a rare, special, and genuinely transformative experience to see these types of movies alongside actual fans of the form who are explicitly choosing to watch these movies with intentionality and a true respect for the material and the experience of those around them.

I will never forget the experience I had while watching Manchester by the Sea two years ago at EIFF in a packed theatre of real moviegoers who were there to really watch a movie and to be caught up in it.  And that was a damned depressing movie!  But it was so inspiring to collectively feel something highly emotional as a group rather than be demotivated and disgusted by the usual abundance of people coming in late, backtalking, and phone checking without turning their screen brightness down that normally comes with the theatre experience.  This year there’s a bunch of movies I’d check out, including The Sisters Brothers, Ramen Shop, and Mirai among others, and I’d like to draw special attention to the Sunday screening of the Studio:  A Programme 4 series of shorts, featuring the works of local Alberta talents, some of whom will also be in attendance!  Not only is it an opportunity to see the strong works being created all around us, it’s also an opportunity for me to tell you how great they all are and, in so doing, reveal that I’ve already seen them, thus giving me the chance to lord the great power I possess over all of you!  Y’know.  The power?  The power of being a local movie blogger!  Anyway, EIFF is happening at the downtown Landmark Cinemas.  Here’s this year’s schedule.

And, to be fair, there are a couple of interesting things going on in the more-indie/less-festival-supported side of new movies this weekend as well, with the Home-Alone-only-serious-esque Knuckleball looking all sorts of awesome (and starring Michael Ironside!), more work by a local production team with the animated Young George and the Dragon, and Metro Cinema’s Picks of the Rosies, an event also celebrating local work, including the really, really great Skin for Skin short (which we reviewed last year).