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Opening this Weekend


Action Point


On Chesil Beach


Box Office Predictions

  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story
  2. Deadpool 2
  3. Avengers: Infinity War
  4. Adrift
  5. Book Club

What You Should See

It’s a quiet weekend of new movie releases compared to the last few, so let’s start this week’s installments of Predictions & Predilections off with a bang:


But seriously, if you’re feeling a little subdued about the new movies this weekend, you’re right to feel that way.  I should also probably clarify that that “HARDCORE LESBIANS!” line is in reference to Disobedience (it just felt like leaving a big, capitalized declaration like that by itself for too long might be a bad idea).   The movie gained infamy earlier this year for its Rachel Weisz/Rachel McAdams sex scene, and while I can say Disobedience looks like a pretty good societal drama, I think if your reasons for wanting to see it lie more in the salacious, I wouldn’t recommend it then.

Your weekend’s other big releases are the lost-at-sea-on-dangerous-waters adventure Adrift with Shaileen Woodley that feels like a movie I will probably never see simply because nothing about it does anything for me, and Action Point, an amusement-park-set crude comedy/family drama brought to you by Jackasses that I also probably will never see.  Meanwhile, On Chesil Beach looks like it probably won’t be horrible based on critic reactions, but I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the trailer for fear of death due to boredom.  And I loved Ladybird!

All that said, if you see anything new this weekend, make it Revenge.  It’s playing at Metro Cinema.