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Opening this Weekend

A Quiet Place


Isle of Dogs


The Miracle Season

Journey’s End


Box Office Predictions

  1. A Quiet Place
  2. Ready Player One
  3. Blockers
  4. Black Panther
  5. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony [not showing in Edmonton]

What You Should See

Ted Kennedy’s still alive, right?  Oh, he’s not?  Well okay then.

So this weekend’s new movies… well damn, there’s just too many good movies to see this weekend.  And that’s truly a rare thing.  It’s the kind of thing to be celebrated.  So celebrate!  Now!

I think in any normal weekend I would be incredibly excited by A Quiet Place, which had long been billed as holding a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer but has, as of this writing, dropped to 98%.  But that’s still good, that’s still good, and combined with its intriguing premise (EVERYBODY BE QUIET!!!!), the broad need for a good horror movie at this time of year, and the really weird fact that this is, somehow, actor John Krasinski’s third major directorial job, and you have a pretty big must see.  But I don’t think I’m actually going to see A Quiet Place this weekend, because Wes Anderson.  Isle of Dogs is just the latest in director Wes Anderson’s oeuvre of quirky, zany movies (that are all basically the same movie) and there are few things in life more enjoyable than Wes Anderson movies.

Now while I can imagine in any normal weekend two movies like A Quiet Place and Isle of Dogs opening, I also really want to see Chappaquiddick because it looks really strong and that Ted-Kennedy-survived-a-car-crash-that-his-passenger-didn’t-and-he-didn’t-call-for-help story always seemed fishy to me (though I’m only superficially/peripherally aware of it having not been anywhere near alive at the time).  And then we have maybe the weirdest story of all with this weekend’s new movies, and that’s that Blockers might actually be worth seeing too!  Why is everything so good?

And the weekend’s smaller new releases also look really good with Journey’s End looking like a very strong and very British World-War-I-set drama and Loveless a riveting story about a more domestically set conflict, the breakup of a family.  Even the weakest movie of the weekend, The Miracle Season, is at least about high school girl’s volleyball, and that’s always going to be a big win for a certain type of audience.