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Opening this Weekend

Game Night


Every Day

A Fantastic Woman

Box Office Predictions

  1. Black Panther
  2. Game Night
  3. Peter Rabbit
  4. Annihilation
  5. Fifty Shades Freed

What You Should See

You’re probably just going to see Black Panther again, aren’t you?

But, if you actually want to see something new, you’ve got an all-winners squad of new movies to look forward to this weekend.  Game Night looked like one of those comedies that could go badly wrong but has, instead, turned out to be unusually good, Annihilation, from the director of Ex Machina, looks thought provoking and scary and deserves to be seen in a theatre even if that’s not how most of the rest of the world will be seeing it, and A Fantastic Woman looks like it will live up to its namesake.

That brings us to the one outlier, Every Day, the one movie that’s had few to no pre-release reviews, and even though that’s normally a bad thing and even though teen romance dramas are far from being my “jam”, Every Day is probably the one movie I’m most intrigued by this weekend based on its premise.  The idea of a singular being reborn every day into different bodies pursuing romance just sounds like one of those weird thought experiments you involuntarily have in the mid afternoon when nothing’s happening, and combining that with Angourie Rice from The Nice Guys and Jacob Batalon from Spider-Man:  Homecoming?  Perfection!  Plus this is Orion Pictures’ first new release in decades!  If you’re a ‘90s kid like me, all of your favourite ‘80s movies are from Orion, and it’s just nice to see them back.  Plus I’m pretty sure if Angourie Rice winds up making an entire career out of this acting thing, I’m going to be calling her “Angry Rice” as a nickname, and supporting movies like Every Day just makes that beautiful vision of the future all the more likely.  So…

Angry Rice!

Angry Rice!


Angry Rice!

Angry Rice!

Now just the seniors in the back!

Angry Rice!

Angry Ri—no?

Well… I’d still recommend the movie.