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Opening this Weekend

American Made


Battle of the Sexes

Brad’s Status

The Time of their Lives

The Untamed (La región salvaje)

Graphic Means:  A History of Graphic Design

Prairie Tales Redux

Box Office Predictions

  1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle
  2. American Made
  3. IT
  4. The LEGO NINJAGO Movie
  5. Flatliners

What You Should See

I have a bunch of different thoughts about this week’s new movies, none of the movies have much to do with each other, none of my thoughts rhyme, so here it goes:

Seriously, how confusing is it that, only two weeks later, American Made is opening after American Assassin?  Both with similar names, both big, both action-oriented (the latter more than the former though), both starring white, dark-haired leading men, both — well, maybe that’s it, but American Made actually looks like a gooder, so I recommend that one.

Flatliners?  I remember trailers for the first, it was right around the point in my childhood when the things around me starting carving out permanent spots in my long term memory, and even then, as a young child whose age could be expressed in single digits, I thought it looked unnecessary to see.  This new one is probably going to be worse.

A movie like Brad’s Status looks like it’ll have all the feels but also has huge potential to be overwrought and terrible, so I’m glad it’s gotten good reviews.  Would see.

The Untamed?  Really hard to pin down even after seeing the trailer [above].  It’s gotten good reviews though.  Not sure.

I would actually go see Graphic Means, there’s just something fascinating about its graphic design subject matter from back when so much of it was mechanically and physically achieved, I would skip The Time of Their Lives both because I’m not an old woman and nothing will convince me to be hopeful about life, and Prairie Tales Redux?  The third feature in my time here doing weekend previews to not have a trailer I could embed (and I was too lazy to read what it’s about).

Perhaps most importantly, it’s EIFF!  Remember TIFF?  It’s Edmonton’s turn now, and… well, I don’t have that much to say, but it’s just kind of nice sometimes to go to movies where the people are often enthusiasts, the theatres are sometimes packed, and the audiences are usually receptive enough to the movie’s themes that you might have a sort of communal experience while watch.  We’ll have our mini-review of one of the shorts that will be showing at the festival up soon!  Yay, pre-release reviews!