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Opening this Weekend

Kingsman:  The Golden Circle


Friend Request


It Stains the Sands Red

Union Leader

Box Office Predictions

    1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle
    2. IT
    3. The LEGO NINJAGO Movie
    4. American Assassin
    5. Friend Request

What You Should See

Y’know, I wasn’t really expecting to say this about this week’s new movies, but… there’s not a whole lot to recommend.

I mean, on one hand you’ve got Kingsman:  The Golden Circle, a movie I was planning to see but that critics are calling a mix of “okay”, “not great” and “worse than the first one”.  On the other hand, you’ve got the new LEGO movie, only this time it’s the LEGO NINJAGO one, and it’s hard to get excited about that.  Then there’s Friend Request, and I don’t think there’s any way I was going to recommend that.  And finally, you’ve got Stronger, and as well regarded as it may be critically, I just don’t want to watch that kind of based-on-the-inspiring-true-story story right now.

If you had to see a new movie this weekend, I would have to call out It Stains the Red Sand, playing at Metro Cinema on Sunday and Monday.  Also, you could see Union Leader, just the second movie ever since we started doing these weekend previews to not have a trailer I could find anywhere online.  So… there’s that.

Note:  Metro Cinema is holding their Dreamspeakers International Indigenous Film Festival this weekend, “celebrating local, national, and international indigenous innovation in film, video, radio, and new media, as well as culture and heritage.”  You can visit DreamSpeakers.org for more information.

And, don’t forget, next weekend brings us this year’s edition of the Edmonton International Film Festival.  We’ll have a preview/sneak peak/early review of one of the EIFF films for you next week (!).