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Opening this Weekend


American Assassin

Tulip Fever

The Midwife

The Nile Hilton Incident

Tickling Giants

In the Last Days of the City

Generation Hope

Box Office Predictions

  1. IT
  2. American Assassin
  3. mother!
  4. Home Again
  5. The Hitman’s Bodyguard

What You Should See

Hey girls!  Here’s a little trick to test your boyfriends!  When they ask you what you want to do this weekend (y’know, for those of you lucky enough to have boyfriends who consider your feelings and respect your opinions), tell him you want to see the new movie, Tulip Fever.  And if he doesn’t agree to that, tell him you guys could see the other new movie, The Midwife.  If he doesn’t recoil in horror and/or revulsion because he thinks you really want to see them, then you know he’s a keeper!

And then don’t see either.  I wouldn’t.

No, the second week of September 2017 (also known as the week after IT) instead holds two other major new movie releases vying for your attention, mother! and American Assassin.  You should consider the former (even though you may end up hating it), and you should probably skip the latter (even though it has Michael Keaton in it).  And, y’know what, the rest of this week’s new releases aren’t particularly need-to-see affairs either, falling more into the “should see” rather than “want to see” category.  Generation Hope is showing at Metro Cinema with a portion of the box office going to Mary’s Meals, and they’re also holding an Egyptian Film Festival event with The Nile Hill Incident, Tickling Giants, and In the Last Days of the City.

So… I guess… see mother! because it might eff you up or see Generation Hope to do something a little more morally virtuous.  Or just go see IT again (our review will be up tomorrow).