Opening this Weekend


Home Again

Patty Cake$

The Only Living Boy in New York

Lost in Paris

Expo 67: Mission Impossible

KONELĪNE: Our Land Beautiful

This Weekend’s Box Office Predictions

  1. IT
  2. Home Again
  3. The Hitman’s Bodyguard
  4. Wind River
  5. Annabelle: Creation

What You Should See

I don’t always know what it is specifically that separates artful from artificial, introspective from up its own ass, thoughtful from pretentious, but if there’s one thing I’m feeling pretty strongly about The Only Living Boy in New York, it’s artificial, up-its-own-ass pretention.  So I’m not going to tell you to see that.  I’m, instead, going to tell you to see Patti Cake$, which looks like it’ll be all kinds of weirdly, poignantly heartbreaking/heartwarming.

But all of that’s burying the lede a bit because IT!  After what feels like an enternity’s absence, we finally have a big new release that’s getting strong reviews too, and… y’know it feels kind of great, something to rally around almost (even if horror isn’t necessarily your thing), because we’ve, essentially been robbed of that feeling for the entire last month of new movies.

Oh yeah, and there’s also Home Again, Lost in Paris playing at the Princess, and Expo 67:  Mission Impossible and KONELĪNE: Our Land Beautiful at Metro Cinema.  But I don’t really care about any of those.

Wait — don’t see Home Again.  I care enough to say that.  And… actually Lost in Paris looks pretty good.