Opening this Weekend


Almost Christmas

Shut In


Two Lovers and a Bear

Command and Control

Memento mori

This Weekend’s Box Office Predictions

  1. Doctor Strange
  2. Trolls
  3. Arrival
  4. Almost Christmas
  5. Hacksaw Ridge

What You Should See

Arrival! There are a lot of movies opening this weekend, but nothing looks more exciting this weekend than Arrival, and the reviews do nothing but excite me more. A big science fiction movie whose chief characteristic seems to be that it’s smart? Sign me up!

The other big movies opening this weekend are Almost Christmas and Shut In, though you wouldn’t know it by how few theatres they’re actually showing in Edmonton, but nevertheless, there they are. In brighter, more encouraging news, the smaller films — Moonlight, Two Lovers and a Bear, and Command and Control — have all gotten encouragingly good reviews, and, to be honest, they all really good. See any of them before Almost Christmas or Shut In.

That leaves us with the last movie I’m going to talk about here, and it’s a very different movie than probably any we’ve ever talked about, reviewed, or even mentioned in passing here at GOO Reviews. Memento mori, a documentary about the organ transplant process and how it affects real people, is an important piece in and of itself, but it was also shot right here in Edmonton at the University of Alberta hospital. If you’re reading this right now, you’ve unfortunately missed its debut on Thursday, but you still have a chance to see it this Sunday, the 13th, at Metro Cinema. The first showing sold out, so get your tickets before it’s too late. An alternate cut of the film under the title Vital Bonds will be showing this Thursday, the 17th, on CBC as part of David Suzuki’s The Nature of Things.