Opening this Weekend

Don’t Breathe

Mechanic: Resurrection

Hell or High Water



This Weekend’s Box Office Predictions

  1. Don’t Breathe
  2. Suicide Squad
  3. Sausage Party
  4. Mechanic: Resurrection
  5. War Dogs

What You Should See

It might look like Don’t Breathe is your only real choice for new movies this weekend, but you, my friend(s?) are lucky that the acclaimed Hell or High Water is showing at the downtown Landmark this weekend, because it’s all too common for these really great but not very well-known small-budget movies to never make it here (I’m looking at you, Don’t Think Twice). Meanwhile, if you’re seriously thinking about Mechanic: Resurrection, the weekend’s other major release, well, you can probably stop reading here, because you and I clearly don’t have anything in common and you refuse to learn from past mistakes.

As for Equity, another smaller movie opening at Landmark, even though it’s gotten good reviews, I just can’t get behind it’s women-centric take on Wall Street. I mean, call this an unfair generalization if you must, but women are no good at everything. Finally, a strange-looking Canadian movie called Zoom is opening at the Garneau, and even though it looks okay, it’s another tough movie for me to get behind because… well, it’s Canadian, and… us Canadians are also kind of no good at everything.