Opening this Weekend

Sausage Party

Pete’s Dragon

Florence Foster Jenkins



This Weekend’s Box Office Predictions

  1. Suicide Squad
  2. Pete’s Dragon
  3. Sausage Party
  4. Jason Bourne
  5. Bad Moms

What You Should See

It’s a remarkable movie weekend when the worst new release is a World-War-II-era period thriller (Anthropoid) and a movie about food that’s alive and suffers and dies during the cooking and eating process is among the best. Sausage Party is the obvious pick for all of you adults out there, Florence Foster Jenkins, a movie that sounds pretentious just by its name, looks like a surprisingly versatile pick with legs that could go far beyond just Meryl Streep fans, and I’m personally even more interested Indignation than either of those two.

One weird question, though: Where the hell did Pete’s Dragon come from? Am I the only one who feels like we should’ve been inundated with commercials and various other marketing materials for it by now? I mean, it’s a Disney movie and the latest in their highly successful line of live-action adaptations, why don’t I know more about it? Anyway, it also looks like a good choice.