Opening this Weekend


The Walk

He Named Me Malala

Hyena Road


How to Change the World

Cop Car

This Weekend’s Box Office Predictions

  1. The Martian
  2. Hotel Transylvania 2
  3. Pan
  4. The Intern
  5. Sicario

What You Should See

Not much going on in terms of major releases, which makes it the perfect weekend to either see The Martian again, see Sicario for the first time (and prove my The-Intern-beats-Sicario-this-weekend prediction wrong), or He Named Me Malala, which doesn’t look that great as a movie but will still be nice to see.

Cop Car is showing at the Garneau, so if you want to get a look at director Jon Watts’ work before his Spider-Man movie in 2017 (in a movie that’s not at all like a Spider-Man movie), here’s your chance. It’s got Kevin Bacon…! The Walk also opens in more theatres this weekend, which might make it a bit less of a puke-fest without the benefit/detriment of 3D IMAX. Puke! That’s a funny word!